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Have a website that has clients that need credit cards? Start marketing secured and unsecured credit card offers, loans, and merchant accounts with our credit card affiliate program.

Credit Card Offers

Looking to apply for a credit card online? Find air miles and gas rewards, balance transfers, student cards, and secured cards. Compare the most recent credit card offers

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Is your company looking to accept credit cards from customers with a merchant account? Merchant Accounts can help you with higher conversions. Compare some popular merchant account providers.

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We provide marketing and business development solutions for banks and lending institutions. We are looking for new bank cards to promote via our affiliate network. Contact us today!


Our Partners

For nearly 100 years, we have fostered deep ties to our customers and our community, serving the banking needs of countless businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals, many for multiple generations. These relationships are based on profound trust, in-depth understanding and highly personal and responsive service provided by our experienced bankers.



The primor® Credit Card is issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. Green Dot Bank also operates as GoBank and Bonneville Bank.


Applied Bank, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is a Delaware State Chartered Bank and an FDIC insured, Equal Housing Lender. We have been providing banking services since 1996. We have been a leader in providing secured and unsecured Visa® and MasterCard® Credit Cards to people with little or no credit history.
Apply for a secured card now, Click Here


Founded in 1997 Merrick Bank is FDIC insured and is a top-20 issuer of Visa® cards. In addition, Merrick Bank is an authorized issuer of MasterCard® cards. Merrick Bank also provides finance options to Marine and RV Dealers throughout the country, helping to facilitate Boat and RV purchases for consumers. Merrick Bank proudly serves over 1,500,000 cardholders to whom it has loaned over $2 billion.

Merrick Bank specializes in credit programs that assist consumers looking to establish or rebuild their credit rating.


Capital Bank – Start to rebuild or establish credit with the Open Sky secured Visa Credit Card from Capital Bank. Capital Bank is a subsidiary of Capital Bancorp, Inc. They assist both individuals and small businesses.



Discover Card is now one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States.



First Progress Cards – Good credit is hard to establish. A secured credit card can help to rebuild credit or to build new credit for folks just starting out. First Progress Platinum MasterCard® Secured Credit Cards are issued by Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA, member FDIC. You may be approved for this card with any credit score and credit history so long as: any bankruptcy in your credit history has been discharged, you successfully fund your security deposit, and you meet the government-mandated identity and income credit card requirements.



About the Credit Card Broker Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing

CreditCardBroker.com offers business development and online marketing solutions for both independent affiliate publishers and advertisers. With our credit card affiliate program, our affiliate publisher’s make money selling credit cards, merchant accounts, and other financial products. Advertisers benefit from our affiliate program network exposure.

Why Partner With Us?

That’s an easy question to answer. We specialize in marketing credit card offers, loans, credit reports, and merchant accounts. We provide a wide variety of credit card offers and merchant account programs to market for both consumers and businesses. We offer competitive affiliate payouts, superior customer service, and its FREE to join!

Promote Credit Card Offers Today!

Its quite simple. If you are interested in marketing credit card offers with our affiliate network, then you have found the best online resource. Become a Credit Card Broker for Free! Join our credit card affiliate program. We specifically concentrate on marketing credit card products in many categories such as: secured credit cards, unsecured credit cards, business cards, student cards, credit cards for people with no credit, good, and excellent credit. We also market all forms of financial products. We have been marketing financial products and providing business development concepts to banks and lending institutions since 1999.

About Affiliate Marketing

Merchant Account Marketing Programs

Merchant accounts are another aspect of our business model. What is a merchant account? A merchant account gives a business the capability of accepting credit cards from customers, both online and offline. Some benefits of having a merchant account are customer convenience, higher conversion rates, and more! Our Credit Card Broker Program gives you the opportunity to market merchant accounts on a commissions basis. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on this are of the credit card industry. If you would like to start marketing merchant account products, you need to become an affiliate today!

Merchant Accounts

Apply For A Credit Card

Not interested joining a financial affiliate program, but simply want to apply for a credit card or merchant account? We can help you with that too. Click on the Credit Cards link above, and compare some of the most recent credit card offers available on the net. All bank credit card offer are hosted on the related banks secured application and security is one of there biggest priorities. You can trust CreditCardBroker.com because we have developed relationships with various banks over the years, and we are trusted direct partners with several banks.

We offer a wide selection of credit card offers in various categories such as: Secured cards to build credit, unsecured cards for people with bad or excellent credit, air miles and gas rewards for people who are looking for that extra value in a credit cards features, business cards for people who are starting a business and need to establish a credit line, student credit cards with reasonable annual fees, and much more. Its as simple as: Click, Compare, and Apply Online. Don't know which credit card to apply for? Browse credit cards by your credit rating.

Credit Card Offers

Other Financial Affiliate Program Products

We are not just about credit cards, although they are the biggest part of our online business! Our network provides the opportunity for financial affiliate marketers to promote all forms of financial products including merchant accounts (accept credit cards for your business), loans, personal loans, credit reports, stock trading accounts, payday loans and more. We are always looking to add new products for our affiliates.

Other Financial Affiliate Programs

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DBA CreditCardBroker.com and Proxi Independent Group, LLC has been helping consumer find some of the best credit card offers available on the internet since 1999. Yes, we are in the business of promoting credit card offers via our credit card affiliate network, and we are compensated for this activity, but we provide a great resource for you. We conveniently display many credit card offers on one website site, saving consumers a lot of time. We do like to hear your opinion of the credit card offers on our site, so feel free to let us know if you have a problem with any specific product. Thank you for your business. If you have questions about any of the credit card offers on this site, we suggest you contact the lending institution direct.